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Imperial College London, also known as Imperial College, or Imperial College for short, was founded in 1907 and located in London, England. It is a member of the Russell university group, one of the five BRICs schools, and a member of the European idea alliance. It ranks second in the 2014 / 15qs World University Ranking. Imperial College of technology, together with Cambridge University, Oxford University, London School of political economy and London University College, is known as "G5 super elite university". Its research level is recognized as one of the top three universities in the UK, and it is famous for its engineering, medical and business majors. There is a saying in British education that "three pillars stand at the same time". Oxford is the liberal arts, Cambridge is the science, and Imperial College is the engineering. Imperial College used to be a participating college at the University of London, Federal University
The Department of science and technology is world-class, especially in the field of Aerospace (because the UK's practitioners are highly paid). There are also computers. Imperial College is the first university in Europe that has an artificial intelligence orientation.

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Medical schools are first-class in Europe.
Business students can hear lectures from former directors of UBS and chairman of HSBC. Science and engineering students can also have the super young academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Richard Thomas, the little prince of mathematics, as a professor.
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Guest structure has many people. It's not only in the academic field, from art to academy, there is no one who can't be invited by the school, which can make people's vision rapidly improve. In October 2016, Hawking also gave a lecture to IC, which was a bit fierce. But! After listening to guest structure every time, I feel that I am too small. The questions asked by my classmates need to be checked for half a day even in Wiki encyclopedia.

The ideal IC life might be to listen to two classes in the morning and take notes leisurely. At noon, I went to South Kensington District of the city with my classmates and had a meal of the city. In the afternoon, visit the art museum, and then take a walk home in Hyde Park. One hour efficient finish homework and prepare two new questions tomorrow. In the evening, I went to SOHO district to watch a movie and have a drink. In fact, the IC life is - taking notes in class, buying a sandwich after class, going to the discussion room to occupy seats, and starting to discuss with the team members from all over the world like a long debate. When I finally got home, I immediately took out my computer to do my homework, and wrote and modified it in Google doc with my team members. After completion, read reading material and case study to download the PPT of the next day. When I went to the kitchen to look for midnight snack, I happened to meet the engineering brother next door. He opened a bottle of beer and talked about the daily life of various countries. One day, it passed...
Maybe this is our rich experience. Although I was forced to work hard, every imperial college student I knew was very nostalgic for that time. Some people say that this is a place where you feel forced to go when you are here, but you can't think about it after you leave. No more. If God gave me another chance, I would still like to carry my schoolbag and sit under the most beautiful scenic spot in the little IC Campus - Queen's tower, enjoying the sunshine at three o'clock in the afternoon.

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