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Companies That Sell Fake Arden University Degree Online

Arden University Degree
How to buy fake Arden University degree? Where to get a fake Arden University diploma? Buy Fake degree in UK. Fake degree certificates UK universities, diploma makers coupon. buy a diploma, buy a degree certificate UK, best fake diplomas, Custom college diploma, diploma company, Companies That Sell Fake Arden University Degree Online, Capella Education initially acquired RDI as part of its strategy to accelerate the company's expansion into the international market. However, this strategy has not been realized, and Capella listed Arden University and its other subsidiaries for sale in February 2016. The University of Sunderland confirmed some of the RDI degrees from Arden University in July 2016. In August of the same year, Arden University itself was sold to the Netherlands-based Global University Systems (GUS) company for 15 million pounds. Other British holdings of GUS include the University of Law, St. Patrick's College, London and the London School of Business and Finance.

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Starting from January 2016, the degree programs that had been externally validated before RDI were gradually phased out and replaced by Arden's own degree programs. In November 2017, Arden University enrolled 5,700 students, of which 2,500 were enrolled in the university’s own courses. Approximately 44% of students are from outside the UK. In 2019, Carl Lygo succeeded Philip Hallam as the university’s vice president and chief executive officer. Buy a Arden University degree. 
The university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a variety of disciplines, up to master's and MBA levels. As of 2019, these areas include business and management, computing and IT, criminology, data analysis, finance, graphic design, health and social care, human resource management, law, marketing, psychology, and tourism. diploma makers coupon. buy a diploma, buy a degree certificate UK, best fake diplomas. 
Some of Arden’s degree programs have also received additional accreditation from professional institutions, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing,

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