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In 2005, the University of Hong Kong Institute of professional and further education, together with Suzhou Institute of science and technology and Gaobo education, established Suzhou Hong Kong University's College of thought and training. The college is located in Suzhou. In order to meet the long-term needs of the economic and social development of the whole Yangtze River Delta region, from the strategic perspective of international education, and guided by employment, it has set up an international, applied and international professional qualification linked curriculum. The college offers two-year associate degree and three-year associate degree courses, including accounting, business administration, business English, hotel management, international finance, international trade, logistics management and marketing. The two-year associate degree program prepares students for promotion to a foreign university.  how to get a fake HKU SPACE diploma, apply advanced diploma from HKU SPACE, where to buy HKU SPACE fake degree,  At present, in addition to domestic students, it also attracts many foreign students. Since 2010, the course has been open to Hong Kong students, so that Hong Kong students can study for an associate's degree at a relatively low price in China. At the same time, they can have a close and in-depth understanding of Chinese language and culture and China's rapid economic development. College graduates can obtain associate degree qualification and national recognized college diploma. Upon completion of the course, graduates can upgrade to undergraduate courses at local or overseas universities according to their grades.
In 1956 / 57, the off campus curriculum Department of the University of Hong Kong was officially established as the first off campus continuing education department in Hong Kong. The off campus curriculum department provides lifelong learning opportunities for the general public and plays an important role in promoting continuing education.
In 1992, the off campus curriculum department was renamed HKU SPACE. As an outreach Teaching Department of HKU, it aims to provide various learning opportunities for employees to contribute to personal, professional and career development.

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