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Nearly 500 financial elites and academia experts attended the grand event. Meanwhile, the live video broadcast of the CGMA Awards attracted more than 20,000 online viewers. After fierce competition, the final list of winners of the CGMA Annual Awards in 2018 was unveiled on the spot. The CGMA Annual Award is sponsored by the International Association of Certified Professional Accountants (ICCPA). The evaluation process is conducted by Ernst & Young Accounting Firm for the whole process of voting, auditing and auditing. Two management accounting frontier reports on business intelligence and network security were also grandly released at the meeting.
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CGMA 2018 Annual Award was established in 2004. It consists of six categories: annual management accounting practice, annual sharing service center, annual CGMA cooperative employer, and annual financial leader, annual CFO favorite by investors, and annual financial newcomer. Awards. The 2018 Grand Prize Appraisal Committee is composed of 34 judges from management representatives from CGMA, academia experts including management accounting consultants from the Ministry of Finance, members of the North Asian Management Accounting Leadership Think Tank (CGMA100), and media leaders. About 100,000 voters participated actively in the one-month online voting for the three awards of "Annual Management Accounting Practice", "Annual Shared Service Center" and "Annual Financial Leader". After fierce competition and strict screening, a total of 28 enterprises and 24 individuals won major awards. Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) is the most widely held management accountant in the world with more than 150,000 holders. It distinguishes a unique group of professionals with high financial, operational, strategic and managerial competencies. It is based on extensive global research, maintains the highest relevance with employers and develops the most needed competencies.
Two leading accounting firms in the world - the Chartered Management Accountants Association (CIMA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) - launched the title of Chartered Management Accountants (CGMA) in 2012 to meet the growing demand of employers for financial professionals. Expand your skills, buy a degree, buy degree online, fake certificate maker.
The CGMA designates openness to anyone interested in business, finance and accounting who aspires to be a strategic leader and committed to the highest ethical standards. There are two ways to become a designated holder of CGMA, each of which has education, experience and assessment, and aims to build on your existing knowledge and professional achievements:
Those living in North, Central or South America will receive CGMA through AICPA. People living in Europe, the Middle East, Asia/Pacific or Africa will receive CGMA through CIMA.

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