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University of Paris — XI Fake Diploma

Paris-Sud University diploma
The 11th University of Paris was founded on January 1, 1970, buy UNIVERSITÉ PARIS XI fake diploma, buy UNIVERSITÉ PARIS XI fake diploma degree,  buy degree, buy a degree, buy degree certificate online. buy fake Paris-Sud University diploma, formerly known as the University of Paris College of science, one of the top 100 universities in the world. It is a comprehensive academic research university. Its major in physics, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine and Bioscience enjoys a high reputation in France and a leading position and outstanding reputation in the world. 
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It is one of the largest and most reputable comprehensive national universities in France, including science, engineering, economic management, law, information, medicine, sports science, etc., and one of the world's top universities. The 11th University of Paris is also a member of the European Research University Alliance, known as "European Ivy".
In 2019, US News ranked 30th in the world , [the 11th University of Paris has been merged into University é de Paris Saclay (UPS)], ranking 1st in French universities.
The 11th University of Paris, ranked 37th in the world in 2019 ARWU World University Academic Ranking , France ranked 1st;
The school is located in several national key research centers (CNRS), Ecole Polytechnique, and French College of science and technology, known as "Silicon Valley" in France.
Dominique Vernay, chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the University of Paris Thackeray, said the University's goal is to rank in the top 10 academic rankings of universities in the world and the first in the European continent.
Since January 1, 2020, the website of the 11th National Congress of Paris has announced that the name of the 11th National Congress of Paris has been "disappeared" since then. All its offer applications have been integrated and transferred to the official website of the University of Thackeray in Paris, and the results obtained by Google searching the University of Paris Sud have become the University of Thackeray in Paris.

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