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 Scottish Qualifications Authority Certificate
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The SQA-Scottish Qualifications Authority was approved by the British Parliament in 1997. After 1999, he was part of the Scottish Ministry of Education and was directly headed by the Scottish Prime Minister. The Supervisory Board is responsible for university degrees other than university degrees. I studied at the SQA-HND Project Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, and the strength is quite good.
The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA; Gaelic: ÙghdarrasTheisteanasna h-Alba [1]) is a non-departmental public administration of the Scottish Government that is responsible for accrediting educational rewards. It is partially funded by the Scottish Government Education and Lifelong Learning Authority and employs approximately 750 people in Glasgow and Dalkeith.
SQA is known for providing Scottish students with an annual public test diet. The SQA college entrance examination is generally accepted as a university admission level, and Scottish universities usually require at least three advanced levels, both above the C level. However, more and more candidates of all ages have participated in SQA's professional, vocational and higher education qualifications. SQA has been approved by the UK government to provide education.

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