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Selling University of Leicester Fake Degree

University of Leicester Degree
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Leicester University ranked 239 in the World University of QS in 2020, and Wuhan University ranked 257 in the World University of QS in 2020.
University of Leicester, located in Leicester, the capital of Leicester County, England, was founded in 1921 as a research university in central England.
Leicester University is the founding member of 1994 University Group, M5 University Alliance, White Rose University Alliance, AMBA, European University Association, Worldwide Universities Network, EMUA and Europe. Member of the Federal Association of Universities (ACU) and the European Union for Distance Education (INU).
The total number of students in the school is about 23,000, of which about 16% are international students from more than 150 countries outside the European Union.
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Academic resources
Leicester University has three libraries with over 2 million books and more than 18,000 kinds of electronic magazines, books and data. Besides books and periodicals, the library also contains microfilm, dissertations and other specialized materials''The university's network digital resources are well developed, providing subject electronic information resources inspection. Source channels, such as searching for books and periodicals, booking books that have been borrowed by others and online catalogues of libraries dealing with book returns. University library electronic resources also provide online virtual teaching.

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