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Raffles college of design and commerce fake degree,We sell

Raffles college of design and commerce fake degree sample
Raffles college of design and commerce fake degree, we sell, buy fake Raffles college of design and commerce diploma, Thc planning. Since then, in line with the rapid development of world design industry and the increasingly important position of management industry, the College Group has radiated the unique educational concept and successful experience of Raffles Design College in Singapore to all strategic cities in the Asia-Pacific region. At present, the inter-school platform of the College Group has expanded to Singapore, Sydney, Australia, Auckland, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Bangkok, Mumbai, India, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Jakarta, Indonesia, and developed to Europe. Cannes International Creative Festival, known as the Oscar of the advertising industry, is the most influential annual event in the global advertising and creative circles. It is held in the middle and late June of each year. buy college degree, buying a fake degree, fake degree certificate,  During the creative festival, well-known creative people, senior members of advertising groups and representatives from all walks of life gather here. Advertisers, production companies, strategic departments and creative teams have set up a series of exchanges here to discuss specialties and negotiate business. Nowadays, Cannes Creative Festival has become the largest advertising event in the world with more than 30,000 works competing for the Cannes Advertising Award each year in more than 85 countries and markets, and more than 10,000 advertising representatives from all over the world attended, buy fake degree, buy fake degree certificate.
Winning the Cannes Advertising Award is the ultimate dream of all advertisement creators, while Qu Juntong,  a graduate of Graphic Design Department of Raffles College, won a Copper Lion Award just after he left school. This time, he won a Graphic Design Award. The winning work is Pantong, a global color authority for Y&R customers and a supplier of color systems (P Antone Inc. ) A series of graphic works inspired by famous cartoon images are designed. The whole design is called "the power of color". Design undergraduate course
Professional Direction - Fashion Design Graphic Design Multimedia Design Game Design Animation Design Interior Design Jewelry Design Product Design (Product Design, Furniture Design) Fashion Marketing (Fashion Marketing and Management, Retail Management, Fashion Media and Communication)
Master of Design Course
Professional Direction-Multimedia Fashion Design Interior Design Graphic Design
Master of Business
Professional Direction-Design Managemente Raffles Institute of Art and Design in Singapore belongs to the world-renowned Raffles College Group. In 1990, with the support and collaboration of the Singapore Economic Development Agency, the Raffles Design Institute of Singapore was born as the first "design" work in the Raffles College Group's educational strategi

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