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Notre Dame University is located in Western Australia and has three campuses. Fremantle's main campus is located in the beautiful port city of Fremantle, only 20 kilometers away from the capital of Western Australia, about 30 minutes' drive; Broome's campus is located in the scenic city of Blum in the northwest of Western Australia, surrounded by the beautiful natural environment of kembury area; Sydney's campus is located in the center of Sydney, the largest city in Australia, where the environment is excellent It is a good place for students to study and live. It can enjoy the tropical climate, beautiful natural scenery, historical and cultural landscape and a large number of outdoor exploration activities at the same time.
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Notre Dame not only has the characteristics of modern universities in Australia, but also inherits the fine traditions of Catholic universities in Europe and North America. The University attaches great importance to the undergraduate education and the scientificity of talent training to meet the talent needs of all walks of life. The advantages of the school are: medicine, law, education, nursing, accounting, finance, physical therapy, psychological counseling, health science and clergy. It is particularly noteworthy that Notre Dame University of Australia is a leading university in the field of health and education, and a considerable number of students have won Australian government scholarships in this field.
The aim of the university is to become an excellent undergraduate institution in Australia, one of the best Catholic universities in the world, and to establish its own research culture. The University offers a series of teaching and research-oriented graduate degrees across undergraduate majors. The unique teaching mode of Notre Dame University will enable students to receive graduate education different from other universities. The university has established research centers in three campuses, which provide students with a good research environment and many research opportunities, and also provide students with the opportunity to study and exchange at Notre Dame University.
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There are nine colleges in the University, namely, arts and science college, business school, law school, education school, philosophy and theology school, health science school, medical school, nursing school and physical therapy school. They not only provide undergraduate degree, but also master degree and above.

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