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Purchase Caltech Fake degree, California Institute of Technology bachelor diploma Certificate

California Institute of Technology degree
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California Institute of technology, Caltech or CIT (Caltech for short), founded in 1891, is located in Pasadena, northeastern suburb of Los Angeles, California. It is a world-famous private research university and one of the most typical elite universities. Li sichen introduced that Caltech is well-known in the world's science and technology field. Its advantageous disciplines include physics, chemistry, astronomy and space science of basic science. It ranked 5th in the world of physics, 4th in the world of chemistry and 6th in the world of basic science in the Academic Ranking of ARWU World University in 2016-17. It also assisted NASA in managing the famous jet Gas Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).
In 1891, a vocational school was founded in Pasadena by AMOS g. Throop, a local businessman and politician. Before it was named California Institute of technology in 1920, the school had changed n names and was active with Throop University, Throop Technology College and Throop Technology College.
Caltech colleges and specialties
School of Biological Sciences, School of engineering and Applied Sciences, School of chemical and chemical engineering, School of Geology and Planetary Sciences, School of physics, School of mathematics and astronomy, School of Humanities and social sciences.
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Research Center: Infrared Process Analysis Research Center (IPAC), Astronomy Research Center, material process simulation research center (MSc), advanced computing research center (cacr), industrial relations research center, computer resources research center, computer science department, bioengineering department, molecular science laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and other scientific research institutions.
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Major setting: aeronautics, astrophysics, astronomy, materials science, peripheral engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computing and neuroscience, computer science, electrical engineering, seismology, earthquake engineering, biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, geology, planetary science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, applications There are dozens of theories, control and dynamic systems, management, economics, sociology, humanities and Social Sciences, anthropology, history, \
Postgraduate majors include: Applied Mathematics, physics, applied physics, astronomy, computer science, cosmochemistry, geophysics, geochemistry, geobiology, geology, mathematics, planetary science, astronautics, applied mechanics, civil engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, cell biology, biophysics, etc.

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