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Singapore Polytechnic is one of the most prestigious polytechnic institutes in Singapore. It was founded in 1954 and is the first Polytechnic Institute established and managed by the Singapore Government. It has a long history and scale. The campus extends from Dough Road to Federal West Avenue, covering 38 hectares.
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Every year tens of thousands of students from home and abroad come to the school to study. The College focuses on training and training future engineering talents to support the development of science, technology, economy and social culture in Singapore's future society. In addition, the College also provides the necessary equipment and professional technology for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China. The college has a beautiful environment, a variety of teaching facilities, a strong teaching staff, and provides more than 20 kinds of Diploma courses. Graduates of the College have always been welcomed by large and medium-sized enterprises, occupying important positions in various fields and making outstanding contributions to the prosperity and development of Singapore.
Advantages of Singapore Polytechnic in Studying Abroad
1) To allow international students of government institutes of technology to work legally
A. After international students complete their first semester examination, if they pass the exam, the government will allow them to work legally.
B. The Government Polytechnic College has two holidays every year for about four months. It does not need government approval to work during the holidays.
2) Permanent Residence in Singapore after graduation
All international students who graduate from the Singapore Government Polytechnic Institute will be welcome to apply for permanent residence of the Singapore Government when they have a new job after graduation. Generally, after graduation, they will become permanent residents of Singapore within one year.
3) Government Institute of Technology grants and other related sponsorship funds
4) Enter world-renowned universities for further study
A. Excellent students can apply directly to the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Polytechnic University for further study.
B. Singapore Polytechnic exchanges and cooperates with famous universities in Britain, Canada, the United States and Australia, recognizes their academic qualifications, sends students to practice abroad, and after graduation, applies for further education in cooperative colleges. (such as Australian National University, Sydney University, Imperial College, Manchester Institute of Technology, etc.)

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