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UC Davis has 10 colleges, which are famous for the departments of management, economy, law, health, society, humanities and art. It is also the world's first-class research and Education Center for the sustainable development of veterinary, environment, language, agriculture and economy. The school's agronomy, animal and plant science, and veterinary science rank first in the United States all year round. Its veterinary science and agronomy rank second in the world in 2018, and its food science ranks 10th. The majors of biology, environmental science, psychology, economics and so on maintain the top 30 in the United States all year round.
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University of California Davis (UCD, UC Davis or Davis for short) is a world-class research university established in California, USA, which is located in the west of Sacramento. It belongs to the famous university system of California. It is a member of the association of American universities (AAU) and the Pacific Rim University Alliance. Known as the "public Ivy League school", it is one of the top public universities in the United States.
The Carnegie Foundation has listed the University of California, Davis, as a comprehensive doctoral research university with a medical program and conducted very high research activities. Faculty members are from the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American law society, the National Academy of medicine, and the National Academy of engineering. University faculty, alumni and researchers have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the national technological innovation award, the National Science medal, the National Medal of art, the Presidential Award for young scientists, the Presidential Medal of freedom, the world food award, the blue planet award and the MacArthur Genius Award

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