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Massachusetts Institute of Technology degree
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MIT is a comprehensive private university in the United States. The Charles River separates it from Boston's Back Bay area. MIT has a very important influence both in the United States and around the world. It has trained many people who have a significant impact on the world. It is the leading University of high technology and advanced research in the world. MIT's natural and Engineering Sciences enjoy an excellent reputation in the world
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), located in Cambridge, Boston metropolitan area, Massachusetts, USA, is a world-famous private research university. Massachusetts Institute of technology was founded in 1861. After the Second World War, Massachusetts Institute of technology rose rapidly by virtue of the needs of US Defense Science and technology research. During the Second World War and the cold war, researchers of Massachusetts Institute of technology made important contributions to the development of computer, radar, inertial navigation system and other science and technology.
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MIT is famous for its top engineering and computer science. It has MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT Lincoln lab and MIT Media Lab, ranking the first in the world of engineering and the second in Computer Science in the world of ARWU in 2016-17, and US News in 2017-18 Graduate school ranks first in engineering and first in computer science. Together with Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School is known as the academic leader in Engineering Science and technology. As of October 2018, among the alumni, faculty and researchers of MIT, there are 93 Nobel Prize winners (the sixth in the world), 8 fields prize winners (the eighth in the world) and 25 bitmap spirit prize winners (the second in the world).

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