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International University Vienna Fake Degree in Master of Business Administration

 International University Vienna  degree
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The University of Vienna was established in 1365 by the donation of Rudolph IV, Prince of haberness. Later, through reform and expansion, Prince Albrecht III established and improved Seminary, law school, medical school and Humanities school, which made the school become the political, religious, cultural and economic center of Europe at that time. Since its establishment, with the support and help of the government, the church, the royal family and people from all walks of life, the University of Vienna has expanded from four colleges to eight, establishing libraries, research institutes, observatories, museums and various research centers. Many specialties have set up new specialties and disciplines, and cultivated a large number of talents. In the history of the University, 7 people have won the Nobel Prize, and there are also famous founders and philosophers of psychoanalysis like Freud. At the same time, the welfare of the school has been improved, such as the establishment of hospitals, canteens, sports centers and other facilities; the school enrollment has expanded from boys to girls, from believers to non believers.
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The University of Vienna has more than 110 majors, arranged as follows: African Studies, ancient history and ancient culture, ancient Jewish Philosophy and Archaeology in the Middle East, English language and literature, American studies, Arabian Studies, astronomy, business management, botany, genetics, human biology, microbiology, ecology, paleontology, zoology, biology and geoscience, biology and commodities Science, ancient Greek, biochemistry, chemistry, food chemistry, German philosophy, geology, mineralogy and crystallography, petroleum, nutrition, Hungarian, French, geography, economics, cartography, history, history and sociology, nutrition, informatics, international business management, Italian, art history, mathematics, medicine, geophysics, meteorology, Musicology, pedagogy, music education, pharmacy, pedagogy and psychology, physics, politics, psychology, journalism and communication, mass media, media art, humanities, statistics, general linguistics, applied linguistics, drama, translation education, comparative literature, national economy, etc.
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