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I would like to get a Certificate (Degree) and a transcript from King's College London

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King's College London ranked 33rd in the World University of QS in 2020, and Fudan University in China ranked 40th in the World University of QS in 2020.
King's College London was founded in 1829 by King George IV of England and the Duke of Wellington, Prime Minister, in Westminster, London, on the Thames River. King's College is the fourth oldest institution of higher education in England. King's College London is also one of the two founding Institutes of London University Group and a member of Russell University Group.
Academic Strength
In the REF (The Research Excellence Framework) RAE published in 2014, King's College ranked sixth in research power and seventh in research quality (research strength = quantity of research quality x). 84% of the research quality of the whole school belongs to the full score of 4* and 3* evaluation, which is considered as "international leader".
King's College is a member of the Russell Group. The group is an alliance of some of Britain's top research universities.
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King's College London ranks among the top five research institutes and the largest higher education institutes in the UK government, and USNews-QS World University ranks 27th in 2011. According to Li Sichen, the faculty ranks first in the world or at home, including 11 Nobel Prize winners and many members of Royal Society, British Academy and Royal Academy of Engineering, among which the faculty members who are in the forefront of scientific research in the world are the most qualified. New knowledge provides a rare source of knowledge, buy degree in UK.
A wide range of professional settings: The school offers more than 200 courses covering medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, science and engineering (chemistry, physics, etc.), humanities, law, business administration, Social Sciences and public policy, with a wide range of professional choices. The school has the largest medical school in the UK. It enrolls 1811 undergraduate students and 583 master's students each year, with over 400 faculty members and a total annual budget of 80 million. There are 9 departments and 23 research groups under the jurisdiction. They are also closely related to the Academy of Life Sciences and Dental Medical College.

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