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How to get fake Victoria University, Melbourne degree?

Victoria University diploma
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Just listen to the name, it's a university named after the state just like UNSW! (Note: Sydney, capital of new state, Melbourne, capital of Victoria). can i buy fake Victoria University degree, buy fake Victoria University diploma in 2020, So... Vu should be a university with the same force as UNSW?
The main campus is a comprehensive government public university in Melbourne. It was founded in 1916 and has a long history. With more than 40000 students, more than 8000 International students, from 190 different countries, and 240000 alumni, all over the world. There are more than 140 kinds of courses in eight colleges, and the course system is comprehensive. In 2019, 70% of the research capacity of Weida in the research field was rated at or higher than the same level in the world in the scientific research ranking released by the Australian government. The high research level vu is far from the positioning of the "eight first camps" in New South China. If it is necessary to rank Vu first in Australia, then Vu can be regarded as the university with the cheapest tuition in Australia!
Vu ranks eighth in Australia's 22 young universities and first in Victoria. Some majors also rank very high (for example, VU College's Language Center ranks No.5 globally, VU automation and control engineering ranks No.33, and tourism and hotel management ranks No.37 globally). Vu's QS ranking is 651-700, which is really shabby compared with the top 50 of the eight, but it's not a pheasant either. In China, Agricultural University of China is ranked equally, between Sichuan University and Hunan University. According to the QS ranking, is it not a 985 crane tail college that Vu should be placed in China?! (but QS you know that peer evaluation in the academic field accounts for 40%. It's normal for a school with few international students, such as Hunan University of Agricultural University, Sichuan University, and basically no international reputation, to rank low in foreign countries.)
1. Melbourne Campus
Since it's Victoria University, the main campus must be Melbourne. Vu's main campus is located on the Bank of Yarra River in the center of Melbourne, and several different suburbs in the West District of Melbourne have opened their own colleges. CBD is also a landmark building in Melbourne.

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