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How to get fake San Jose State University(SJSU) degree?

San Jose State University(SJSU) diploma
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San Jos é State University (SJSU) is a public university in San Jose, California. Founded in 1857, it is the oldest public higher education institution in the West Bank of the United States and the founding School of California State University system. In 2019, it ranked No. 24 in Western University of the United States. SJSU's main campus is located in the heart of San Jose, covering 154 acres (62 hectares). It offers 145 bachelor's and master's degrees (including 108 key areas of study and in-depth research) and 5 certificate courses (including 19 key areas of study and in-depth research). As of 2018, the University also offers two joint doctoral programs and one independent doctoral program. SJSU is recognized by the Western Association of schools and Colleges (WASC).
How to get fake San Jose State University(SJSU) degree?
First, there was a student at SJSU, San Jose State University, a school that didn't make it to the national rankings on USNEWS. Known as Silicon Valley Lanxiang. After the students got their master's degree, they got an offer from apple. Second, he is also a student of ours, studying in Binghamton University for master's degree in accounting. This school is a public school under SUNY system, ranking in 80-100. During the winter vacation, he was recruited by HR of Deutsche Bank to do the internship. After the internship, he beat Baruch and NYU's master of accounting and got the return offer. The above two schools are all public universities. Because public universities undertake the task of universalizing university education, which is not as much as those elite universities donate money, they rank relatively low, but this does not mean that the teaching level is poor.

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