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How to get a Canada Ontario driver's licence quickly

How to get a Canada Ontario driver's licence quickly? Ontario driver's license exam, Ontario driving test questions. What is a Canadian driver's license test process?
Canada Ontario driver's licence, Ontario driving licence
Canada driver's licence, Ontario driver's licence
Canadian driver's license can be used in Japan and Korea, as well as other Commonwealth countries. Do not need to change driver's license, was returning home at the notary, valid for two months, by the way remind you: Some Canadian provinces require the use of Japanese and South Korean driver's license renewal can not, but all provinces have admitted driving experience Chinese driver's license, the difference is that some provinces to be confiscated driver's license For example Alberta, Ontario and Quebec do not, because the provisions of each province in Canada is different, so that the driver's license provisions are not the same.
Canada Ontario driver's licence
The site explains how to get a driver's license, first buy two books, one textbook, the content of the basic rules of the road, traffic sign recognition, the other is exercise manual, and strengthen awareness. Furthermore, we should focus the next textbook content on the driver's license revoked, be subject exam. Both books have mentioned on the website, you can buy in a bookstore.

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