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How can I get my OCR GCSE certificate from years ago?

OCR GCSE certificate
Buying a fake  OCR GCSE certificate. Purchase a fake GCE certificate. How to buy GCSE certificate online? CIE, Edexcel and Oxford AQA, a branch of AQA, offer IGCSE (International GCSE). The content of these examinations is similar to that of the general certificate of secondary education (GCSE), but the examination authority does not have to strictly follow the government's syllabus because it is for international students. Some GCSE questions require students to have a basic cultural background. For example, for the same biology test, IGCSE requires to list the process of gene mutation, while GCSE gives five sentences about gene mutation, so that students can judge which sentence is more likely to be said by Christians. At the same time, there will be many coursework (papers or group work) in GCSE, which will be counted as part of the final score, while IGCSE mostly uses the final exam to determine the score. Although some of the IGCSE courses have been accredited by the UK government, such as science and mathematics, they are allowed to be used in public schools. But since the government decided in 2017 to exclude IGCSE from public school performance ratings, few public schools now use IGCSE. To some extent, IGCSE course is more difficult, which provides a better ladder connection for A-level courses. As a result, IGCSE is widely used in private schools in the UK, with 91% of the required subject modules (Mathematics, science and English) using IGCSE textbooks in 2018.

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