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HKUST diploma
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The Hong Kong University of science and Technology (HKUST; Chinese: 香港科技大學) is a public research university in clear water bay, Hong Kong. Founded in 1991 by the British Hong Kong government, it was the territory's third institution to be granted university status
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HKCEE is the top 3 University in Hong Kong, and also a world-class famous university. It has the same status as Tsinghua University in the mainland. At present, many of our students prefer famous universities in Britain and the United States, and they will consider famous universities in Hong Kong if they want to go back. Hong Kong Science and technology is the first choice for engineering. At present, it is rare for Hong Kong Science and technology to pass the college entrance examination. There is no doubt about the quality (rare is precious). The same strict admission requirements and fierce competition ensure the strength of its alumni circle. Before that, I used to contact many students who were in charge of studying in Hong Kong. Many of them stayed in Hong Kong and found jobs after graduation, or continued to go to Europe and the United States to study. If the college entrance examination results have been shortlisted and can not go to Tsinghua University, then considering Hong Kong technology is also a very good choice.

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