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Get A Fake Transcript From Holmes Institute

 Holmes Institute transcript
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Holmes College was founded in 1963. With the establishment of Melbourne Business School in Australia, Homs College strives to build an excellent tradition of business education. By 1986, buy Holmes Institute degree, where to buy fake Holmes Institute transcript, Homs college had developed into Victoria's first recognized private English language training center.
Homs Education Group has become a highly respected professional education entity in Australia. For 40 years, Homs college has been widely praised for its high quality of education. The college is 100% owned by Australians and has been led by a senior management team since 1988. It has campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns
It is equivalent to the first year of undergraduate course / TAFE course and has eight times of enrollment in a year.
1. Professional introduction: business management, marketing, international trade, accounting, information management, office management, tourism management, hotel and catering management, cooking and catering management, etc.
2. Specialty: commercial cooking (School of hotel management)
a. Introduction: this major is for the students who are interested in kitchen management in the school of hotel management. In the two-year course, the students will learn all the skills needed for future employment. The school attaches great importance to the combination of practice and theory, and goes deep into management matters, so that every student can fully grasp the skills required by the industry.
b. Areas of study:
Food business preparation course: students must learn the basic skills of food preparation and the layout of the menu.
Kitchen management: learn to plan and manage the menu, ensure the safety and health of the kitchen, and manage and optimize the income and expenditure.
Catering service: students should learn to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of food and create five-star facilities and services.
Front desk management: experience the work of front desk and understand the process of different reservation systems.
Introduction to management: develop students' management, marketing, accounting and information co-ordination skills.

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