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Buy French DELF B1 diploma certificate online

French DELF B1
Buy French DELF B1 diploma certificate online, How to buy a fake DELF B2 certificate? Buy diploma in French. DELF B1 is divided into four parts: Compréhension de l'oral (listening comprehension), Compréhension des écrits (reading comprehension), Production écrite (written expression), Production orale (oral expression).
The examination is divided into two days, with one day each for the written examination and the oral examination.
The second book is black and white, so it’s harder to read than the first one hahaha, especially the reading part. (The reading questions for the exam are not so difficult, don’t worry, don’t worry~)
Due to the reform of the DELF exam (subjective questions are reduced), some of the contents in the two books are not tested, so everyone should not be too entangled in the practice of writing.
Question analysis
-Listening and reading-
I followed both parts of the book, practiced all of them, and passed them again before the exam. Listening is to add Alter Ego+3, and I have finished listening before the exam. The reading of this test is far less difficult than the questions in the materials, and I finished it quickly.
Writing questions are mainly divided into: l'article de journal (newspaper article), l'essai (review), la lettre dans un forum (letter on the forum), la lettre pour un ami (letter to a friend).
Here is a particularly useful youtubeur

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