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 SFU fake degree
Simon Fraser University is short for SFU. Find Simon Fraser University  Fake Diplomas, buy SFU fake degree, Founded in 1965 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, it was named after Simon Fraser, an explorer who explored the Vancouver area. SFU is a comprehensive public research university in North America. Its human-computer interaction HCI, computer science, and business are among the top in the world.
Benabi Campus is located on Mount Benabi, 365 meters above sea level, overlooking the entire northern part of Benabi. Most of the faculties of the school are located in the Benabi campus.
Surrey Campus is located in the center of Surrey. Campus is also part of the city center, which is a building complex near Surrey Central Sky Station.
Established in the 1980s, Vancouver Campus built the first university classroom in downtown British Columbia. Four buildings on the Vancouver campus span the heart of downtown Vancouver. SFU's main campus is located at the top of Benabi Hill, which brings inconvenience to students on traffic problems. However, the extension of Vancouver overhead trains and the passage of student bus coupon U-Pass have improved traffic problems. There are four bus lines (No. 95, No. 143, No. 144 and No. 145) connecting the main campus and the overhead train system.
Department of Simon Fraser University
SFU has eight faculties: College of Applied Sciences, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Biddy Business School, College of Interactive Technology and Communication, College of Education, College of Environment, College of Life Sciences and College of Science.

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