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Fake IESE Business School MBA diploma, buy fake University of Navarra degree

 Business School MBA diploma, University of Navarra degree
Buy fake IESE Business School MBA diploma, buy fake University of Navarra degree.
Spain's famous ie business school, founded in 1973, is recognized as the world's leading business school. buy fake IESE diploma, buy fake IESE degree, maker degree, Ie business school is located in Madrid, Spain. Ie business school students enjoy learning and using Spanish, the second largest business language in the world. Ie business school has more than 400 professors from 25 countries and students from 81 countries around the world, so internationalization is another feature of IE business school. At present, the 37000 graduates of IE business school have management positions in more than 100 countries around the world. In addition to customized English courses and advanced management courses for students, ie has also set up various master's degree courses: International Master of Business Administration (IMBA): This course lasts for 13 months and enrolls students twice a year in April and November.

The first four semesters are all taught in English. In the optional semester (the 5th and 6th semester), students can choose English class or Spanish class. In order to make students better adapt to the course, the school opened a two-month intensive Spanish training course before the formal start of the course. In order to achieve the purpose of "business school for business people", ie has adopted a series of practical teaching methods, such as practice, case analysis, role exercises and seminars. Ie master of International Business Administration program has a young teaching staff with working experience in the business field, mature management skills, advanced business strategy mode and vision that entrepreneurs should have.

These favorable conditions make the graduates of ie become the competitive targets of the HR headhunters of major enterprises. MBA Business Administration EMBA Senior Business Administration Master of Finance Economics and business journalism global environmental change architecture management and design company leadership company media e-marketing sports management Biotechnology Management Global Supply Chain Management and other majors. Ie law school provides traditional master of law courses, including law research, tax law and international law, and cooperates with Northwestern University law school to jointly develop master of law courses. Ie business school also has a series of senior managers training courses with international perspectives, such as the cooperation with Chicago Business School in the United States to provide senior managers with global senior management training courses. In addition, there are PhD and DBA business management doctoral courses. Ie business school has launched a very strategic decision, which is to acquire a university in Spain.

The approach of IE university is the extension of the university education mode of IE business school. It introduces the core management education mode of IE business school, which aims to meet the market demand of the University. It uses innovative, enterprising, humanistic and practical methods to cultivate young college students and guide them to adapt to the country International life and grow into an international leader. All courses are taught in English. The major subjects include: architecture, media science, business administration, tourism management, art history, biology, law, etc.

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