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Fake FOM Hochschule Diploma Zeugnis, FOM University degree from German

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My school and German fom University jointly trained master's degree in finance and accounting, and studied in Germany for one year. How to get FOM Hochschule fake Degree,  buy FOM University degree from German.
FOM four years, strictly speaking three years, because the sophomore began to have FOM status. Langfang learns the language in the first year, and the Chinese and German classes in the second and third years are taught simultaneously. In the fourth year, Essen graduated. Good schools have bad students, bad schools have good students. The top 500 companies have garbage workers and small private enterprises have elite talents. Anything is relative. It's not too bad to graduate from FOM and then to graduate from German public universities. From the income point of view, at present, I work in foreign enterprises, whether in German enterprises or domestic enterprises, basically no less than the number of UNI undergraduate graduates. In Germany, salaries range from 50K to 100k, before the Euro tax. Returning home, the scope is larger, depending on the employment company and the rate of appreciation, 250k-800k, this school looks at basically all Chinese students (cooperative projects can not help, this is a common phenomenon), give me the feeling that a place to go to school, a class may be basically no foreign students. This school does not attract foreign students because of its high tuition fees. A German newspaper once criticized FOM's high tuition fees. How to get FOM Hochschule fake Degree,  buy FOM University degree from German, 1. After graduation from undergraduate FOM, graduate students from German public universities, 2. In the early 30s of Chinese and German foreign enterprises, there has been a period of career growth that does not meet. ? Some students, whether FOM undergraduate or German public university graduate, return to the civil service or banking system, and arrange leisure work at home, pay reference to their industry.  where to buy fake FOM Hochschule certificate, buy fake FOM Hochschule degree.  Foreign enterprises still have to pay more and pay more for their work. Nevertheless, it is never better than returning home to take over a home business or start a business. Many people criticize FOM and say he's bad. 

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