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ECFMG fake certificate, I was wondering what the cost would be for a fake certificate from the ECFMG

ECFMG certificate,
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The Educational Commission for foreign medical graduates (ECFMG) was established in the early 1970s. It is a combination of two institutions established in 1956. Its mission is to carry out qualification examinations for foreign medical graduates who have entered the United States for post graduation education or practice medicine in the United States, and to carry out international examinations and evaluation methods To evaluate, collect and publish information about these doctors, and cooperate with foreign medical colleges, relevant organizations and relevant international organizations in project development, standard setting and evaluation methods. Miranda m believes that the contribution of ECFMG to global ECFMG fake certificate,I was wondering what the cost would be for a fake certificate from the ECFMGmedical education is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
How to get  ECFMG certificate
The federal government's investment in medical education after graduation is mainly through the medical insurance agency of Medicare, and the projects receiving the funding must pass the certification of ACGME. Therefore, ACGME's certification system has become one of the most important quality assurance mechanisms for medical education after graduation in the United States. Through this certification system, the training programs of resident doctors and specialist training doctors can be assessed and improved to promote public health,
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The ECFMG accredited by its program assesses international prepared medical graduates for admission to the ACGME accredited by the accrediting Committee for residency or scholarship programs in the United States.
ECFMG is the registration and performance reporting agency provided by USMLE for foreign medical students / graduates, or in short, it is the designated Dean's office of international medical graduates (IMG) compared with American medical graduates (AMG).
It performs three checks: Step 1, step 2ck, and step 2Cs. If the physician has passed three examinations within seven years, the ECFMG certificate will be issued to the physician.
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