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Can I buy fake State of New Hampshire CPA Certificate, buy American certificate

 State of New Hampshire CPA Certificate
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The Accounting Committee is a seven Member Committee created by the legislature. Its members are appointed by the governor and the Executive Committee and are responsible for the administration of the laws of New Hampshire relating to the industry. The committee's mission is to protect the public. The board of directors does this by ensuring that the applicant is qualified to obtain a license, by establishing regulations and adopting administrative regulations to establish industry standards, by investigating complaints of unprofessional conduct and, if necessary, by taking disciplinary action against the licensee to protect the public. The audit committee works with the assistance of the staff of the office of professional licensing and certification and the administrative prosecution department of the office of the attorney general.
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In 2019, the conditions and requirements of American AICPA are relatively flexible. Different states have different application conditions for candidates In China, the college degree or above recognized by the state (including full-time, self-study and final examination) is generally recognized (individual states do not recognize self-study or distance education), and the major other than accounting can also apply for examination Therefore, the general requirements for AICPA examination registration are as follows:
A. a bachelor's degree or a bachelor's degree to be obtained, individual unlimited;
B. regulations for more than 120 total credits (some states require 150 total credits, such as Guam); C. regulations for certain accounting credits and business credits are required, and some states need to meet additional requirements; generally, candidates are required to meet 24 accounting credits and 24 business credits, but some states require different requirements, such as Maine requires 15 Accounting credits, and New Hampshire requires 30 Accounting credits and 24 business credits In addition, some states also need to meet the specific courses specified, such as Guam, Delaware, Vermont, Colorado, etc. if the requirements for total accounting or business credits are met, but the requirements for one of the specific courses cannot be met, the candidates are still ineligible for the examination.
D. some states (such as Alaska) can replace the required accounting credits with one year's experience in accounting firm.
E. most states do not require the citizenship or residence rights of candidates There are some states that have great restrictions on applicants outside the United States, or require citizenship or residency. For these States, non-U.S. applicants can be excluded from consideration first.

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