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How to buy a Germany driving licence online

Germany Driving licence, Germany Driver's licence
How to buy a Germany driving licence online? buy Germany Driving licence, buy Germany Driver's licence in UAE. in If you already have their driver's license, like in Germany, drove in three ways: (1) with their driver's license and notarized German translation can start six months, counting from the date of entry; (2) the use of international driver's license; (3) national driver's license replaced the German driver's license (ie Umschreibung, the driver's license can be used permanently, apply to all EU countries). If you have no license, and that only to learn from scratch in Germany, a German driver's license test.
And all roads in Germany peacetime training and road test site after that you can get a driver's license encountered: 50km speed limit in urban areas, neighborhood 30km speed limit, and various sections of the highway, from the coach to master the throttle clutch you grasp the steering wheel to start practicing until you can ride your own security and stability in a variety of road conditions so far. It can be said that every students got the license in Germany, is fully confident can the road, the driver Baidu certainly not the kind of joke in Germany.
    German driver's license practice test content is starting from the driving school, driving about 40 minutes, will go through various road conditions, in the process of moving, the examiner will instruct you to stop, turn around, etc. in the actual driving encountered during actual driving skills, and then finally secure Back Driving, then we should congratulate you, since you will have a driver's license of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    There is a German driving school training cars are new, some cars even BMW or Audi, of course, and the high price is inseparable from, the general price is 30 Euro / 45 minutes (one hour), training good handling car so that students experience the greatest degree of safety driving pleasure.

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