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How to order CFA transcript,buy CFA certificate

CFA transcript
How to order CFA transcript,buy CFA certificate. CFA Franchise is one of the most widely recognized investment management certifications in the world. Choosing to work with the CFA Association means a relentless pursuit of high-level professional financial knowledge and a long-term commitment to higher professional and ethical standards.
The investment management industry has practiced widely recognized ethical and professional codes of conduct; industry elites converge to enhance the diversification of the investment management industry, with the help of the CFA Association and the stronger development of financial institutions; investment management talent stands out; The For more than 70 years, the CFA has trained a number of high-level professionals active in the forefront of the financial industry. CFA holders are located around the world and serve many companies. As China's economy into the "new normal", the financial industry in China's economic development will play an increasingly important role. Therefore, the investment management industry needs more professional financial professionals.
The CFA Association in China's rapid development also reflects the market demand. In 2016, more than 80,000 candidates signed CFA exam, China became the world's largest candidate market. At present, China has more than 3,700 CFA holders. CFA Association will continue to work with Chinese regulators, financial investment industry and practitioners to promote and implement the "Gold Standard" recognized by the CFA Association. Although China's financial markets are unique in many ways, the increasingly internationalized global market has gone beyond borders. The acceptance and implementation of the gold standard represented by the CFA Franchise Certification will help China benefit from the ongoing economic restructuring, internationalization and financial innovation.
In October 2015, the CFA Association officially opened its China office in Beijing, confirming the CFA's commitment to localize its growing CFA licensees.
CFA Association is not only a charter, we and the major financial institutions to establish cooperation to help them bring more value to customers, together create a more healthy and long-term development of the financial industry.

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