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Characteristics of St. Mary's University in Canada in 2019
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According to Lischen, St. Mary's University was founded in 1802 and has a history of more than 200 years. It is one of the oldest public universities in Canada. It has departments and secondary schools such as the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, the Business School, the Graduate School, the Ministry of Engineering, the Continuing Education Center, the English Training Center and the Vocational Training Center. Heart. The university is located in Harifax, Nova Scotia, and has nearly 10,000 students.
Schools have conducted extensive international cooperation and exchanges, and have helped some countries in West Africa to establish their own schools. Schools always adhere to community-based, student-centered. The school has a strong humanistic atmosphere and actively helps students to familiarize themselves with and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.
St. Mary's University ranks the best in the comprehensive category in the Maclean's Magazine University of Canada, with a doctorate in business administration.
Characteristics of St. Mary's University in Canada in 2019
Sino-Canadian Cooperation
Saint Mary University has established a direct cooperative relationship with Wuhan University, which ranks the top 5 in China. The cooperation between the two universities includes student exchange, 1+3 or 2+2 credit transfer and other fields. It provides a flexible way for overtime students in Wuhan University of International Education College of Wuhan University to study abroad and saves a lot of time and cost.
Saint Mary University assisted Peking Normal University in establishing the most advanced language center in China at that time, and helped a large number of backbone teachers trained by Peking Normal University. Saint Mary University also assisted Xiamen University in establishing the first MBA Education Center in China. buy Canada degreeIn early November 2010, after strict approval, the Hanban Office of the State Council of China approved the co-construction of Confucius Institute between Saint Mary University and Xiamen University, making Saint Mary University the center of Sino-Canadian language and cultural exchanges in the Atlantic region of Canada.
School Characteristics
Not only has Nova Scotia's largest liberal arts and business majors, but also pays attention to cooperation with schools and the government in all aspects, maintaining good contacts. The school is community-based and student-centered. The school has a very strong humanistic atmosphere. As a university with undergraduate teaching as its main part, most of the school's attention and scholarship methods are on undergraduate students.

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