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 London Business School MBA diploma
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AACSB: the association to advance college schools of business international. The world's leading business school and accounting program non-governmental certification agency, founded in the United States, has two kinds of education certification: Business Certification and accounting certification.

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Features: the business school with the oldest qualification and the highest gold content is also regarded as the business school with the first-class teaching quality. buy a LBS MBA degree, Only less than 5% of business schools in the world have obtained AACSB certification; only 1% of business schools have obtained the three international certifications at the same time.
EQUIS: European quality improvement system Europe, Chinese Name: European quality improvement system. EFMD (European Foundation for management development) is the certification system for global business schools, which is implemented by EFMD (European Foundation for management development). It is famous for its comprehensive and rigorous evaluation, and is one of the most authoritative certification systems in the world.
AMBA: the association of MBAs, Chinese Name: British MBA Association, established in 1967, is an independent organization specialized in MBA quality certification. It is mainly for the international certification system of MBA program, focusing on the development of business and management practice, and for the MBA degree provided by the accredited higher management education institutions.
Among the three certifications, AACSB takes 5-7 years on average, EQUIS takes 1-2 years, AMBA certification is relatively easy, September to August.
London Business School, the top ten business schools
Top 10 business schools in the UK
London Business School (LBS) is an international business school. It is one of the two graduate schools of London University. It does not provide undergraduate teaching, but only provides postgraduate courses in finance and management. The college is located in central London, close to Regent's Park, royal park. London Business School has always been regarded as the top business school in Europe and one of the top 10 business schools in the world
Speaking of the most powerful direction of LBS, finance is naturally the first; in the international financial market, the job placement of LBS MBA graduates has always been quite good. In addition, the following directions are the strengths of LBS: strategy, enterprise, global business experience, real estate, media, marketing, energy
According to the latest enrollment data (class of 2019): the average GMAT score is 708, and the average work experience is 5 years:
Lbs graduates mainly focus on finance and consulting. London is known as a long history and business center, which has unique advantages for students who want to find work in the financial field. Internship and employment opportunities include not only bulge bucket investment bank, but also various business side opportunities such as PE / VC / HF / MF. In addition to finance, industry and consulting jobs are going well. Lbs students are very active, LBS is very proud of the rich student activities and clubs. Many clubs are directly oriented to future employment, such as finance club and consulting club. The activities of the club mainly focus on employment, such as how to write resumes and interviews, analyze cases, present, introduce the situation of consulting companies, invite alumni to do information sessions, etc. After so many targeted training, the students who are interested in applying for jobs have their own advantages. So lbs's employment data has always been pretty good. 70% of 2017 graduates stay in UK, 12% in Europe and 7% in Asia

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