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Buy fake Canadian University Dubai diploma

 Canadian University Dubai diploma

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Recently, Dubai Canada University signed a cooperation agreement with the world-famous queen of Canada to facilitate the transfer of undergraduates to universities in Canada to provide more opportunities.
What's going on with studying at the University of Canada in Dubai? According to the agreement, students from cud University's School of engineering and School of Applied Science and technology can go to Queens University's School of art and science and get an honorary degree in computer engineering. The model of the program is 2 + 2, that is, the eligible students transfer to Queen's University in Canada after completing the second year of cud.
What's going on with studying at the University of Canada in Dubai?
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The agreement was signed by the president and vice president of Queen's University and the president of cud during their visit to Kingston University.
Dr. CHELLI said: "the signing of the agreement with Queen's university can promote the partnership between cud and Queen's University, provide opportunities for all undergraduate students of cud, enable them to go to Canada for better learning, and add diversified international education experience to their cud learning career. It will also become a small "boutique" organization at the University of Canada, Dubai, providing students with world-class learning and transfer options.
Dubai University of Canada (cud) is a private higher education university in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, founded in 2006. The University of Canada in Dubai provides education based on Canadian courses.
The University was originally known as Dubai Centennial University. Once it becomes an independent Canadian institution, the title is changed to Dubai Canada University. The University maintains contact with the original University of Ontario and offers transfer courses to students after the second year.

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