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How to Buy a Phony TEKO diploma in Switzerland?

TEKO diploma
How to Buy a Phony TEKO diploma in Switzerland? 
The undergraduate system of hotel management universities in Switzerland is 3-4 years, and there are even 2.5 years and 4.5 years , Buy Switzerland diploma online
Two and a half years undergraduate: IMI International Hotel Management School
Three-year undergraduate programs are: BHMS, HTMi, SHMS, Kaiser Ritz, IHTTI, HIM, CAA, EHL Pasug campus
Three and a half years of undergraduate: Glion Hotel Management School, Les Roches
Four-year undergraduate courses are: EHL Lausanne School of Hotel Management
Four and a half years of undergraduate: EHL Pasug campus + EHL main school
The reason why the school system is different is entirely due to the school's own curriculum. The total number of courses is actually the same in every school. Schools with a short academic system tend to compress the courses in a shorter period of time, and the courses will be more compact. The longer the academic system, the higher the corresponding cost, such as EHL, four The annual undergraduate study requires close to 2 million yuan, and the 3.5-year Glion and Les Roches also need 1.5 million. Most Swiss Hotel Management Universities have three-year undergraduate programs. Relatively speaking, the cost is relatively close to the people, from 65 to 100 Tens of thousands.

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