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Buy George Washington university degree certificate, buy George Washington university diplomas

George Washington university(GWU) degree certificate, George Washington university(GWU) diplomas
Buy George Washington university degree certificate, buy George Washington university diplomas. buy GWU bachelor certificates. George Washington University (The George Washington University), referred to as the GWU or GW. American famous private school located in Washington, DC, next to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the State Department, a few blocks from the White House. George Washington University in 1821 by an Act of Parliament to commemorate the founding father George Washington founded. George Washington University after nearly 200 years of trials and hardships, has developed into a large-scale study has a certain reputation of the comprehensive university. The school has three campuses in Washington DC Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, Virginia.
George Washington University, there are many excellent teachers of Chinese descent, world-renowned expert in biomedical engineering, Dr. Guo Zhenyu is one of the best. In 1996, he applied to the George Washington University Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty and founded the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, as director. His research and published a series of papers, caused an international academic attention, so he became an international medical imaging theory, influential experts in terms of learning ultrasound. Because of his outstanding achievements, the principal personally granted him special pay raise, which is rare in the history of this university. In addition, it was reported in the Washington airport terminal, there is a George Washington University and his GuoZhenYu to set parameters for the call of imaging technology recruitment ads, he said: "Here, you can pursue a world authority in cooperation with the your degree. " In the 180 years of history at George Washington University in just over two people Portrait image as a school enrollment do advertising, one is the first US president, George Washington, the other is GuoZhenYu.

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