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How to improve ielts listening level using foreign films?

Net friend: hello, teacher!
What kind of listening materials should I buy to improve my listening comprehension?
Would you please give me some advice?
Teacher: Hello, I am in class also talked about this problem, watch English movies can improve the level of English listening, but there is a premise, that is met did not understand, look not to understand even the subtitles must stop - where the dictionary!
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I am just talking about, for example, the phrase "by all means" is in the Friends of the famous sitcom, if don't understand, I heard those words at that time also not checked, meet other phrases also not check, so will be listening to a certain extent is quite high, actually this sentence is very simple, is certainly mean.
So be sure to check.
As for two months to test students, we recommend everyone except back scene words, should make use of Cambridge series of detailed do 3 times (sword 1 time is limited, can not do, because it is not bo, just sample) what to do in detail, is to understand every word, every word to understand, finally still have to remember that all next time can't go wrong. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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