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The top 10 habits of American life

To the United States for many years, and found that americans in life there are many habits are different with the Chinese, these habits can't say what is good or bad, no popular say popular, some people like to do so anyway, all inventory americans are below 10 rare and beautiful flower in life habit.
Don't take off your shoes and make love
A lot of us fans have this question: "americans don't take their shoes off when they go home.
Just wear your shoes on the couch or even sex?"
For three reasons: 1: thinking different European and American people and Chinese people to the material point of view is different, the people are of the opinion that substance is a service, to enjoy the material world, moreover, relatively abundant material source, dirty, bad you don't have the update, so sofa and bed although it doesn't matter.
Chinese people because things are hard-won, must obey the environmental restrictions, take the door to take off shoes to fear to the floor to tread dirty, ruined.
Second: the United States is relatively clean, where there are lots of land to grow grass, so there is not much dirt and mud.
It doesn't matter if you walk around.
Third, most American homes have rugs and shoes.
So americans spend a lot of money on cleaning the carpet!
Drink ice water all the year round, so will you have children?
Americans drink ice water all the year round;
There are only two gears on their water dispenser: hot water (for instant coffee and tea bags) and ice water (drink directly).
What is warm water? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Americans don't understand.
When we come to America, we can often see that even in the sub-zero winter, there are some iced coffee in starbucks.
One of the things americans don't understand is why do Chinese people come into a restaurant and have a hot cup of hot water?
Only coffee and a little tea in the drink should be hot!
The strong American people are far less likely to have the concept of "drinking ice water" than "sitting on the moon";
American women drink iced drinks during their periods.
Even after having a child, drink a mouthful of ice water to quench your thirst!
Of course, there are two interpretations of this question: first, the people of the United States of America are mainly red meat, naturally hot and able to resist cold objects.
So ice water has no health problem for them;
Two, principles of economics: they want to, to restaurants in the United States, you go sit there, the waiter came up the first thing is to "pa" a cry in your in front with a large glass of water, with ice ice in it yet. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Why is that?
America is a commercial society, and you have to analyze it in this way.
Think about it. How do you feel about having a glass of ice water before dinner?
The ice is cold and cool.
What do you think about a person who has been injured or injured in the past?
Ice compress.
So what does ice compress feel like?
Don't feel, it is to ache, pain, distension and so on have no feeling.
So, when you eat a cup of ice water, how much you eat, how much you eat, and how much you eat, you won't feel.
Even if it's something you don't feel.
It will be long and you will get fat.
The average man eats seven eighths full and knows that he is full.
But when you drink a glass of iced water, you don't feel it.
So the boss makes money.
Eating a burger and eating a Diet Coke?
The most American food is hamburgers with coke.
Coke was invented by americans, and the thing that started green was the western medicine for headaches.
After the discovery of sugar, it was good to drink, and was sold as a drink, which later became popular in the United States and around the world.
Burger fries were also invented by americans.
McDonald's drove all over the world and into every American heart.
To americans, a hamburger and a coke are just as good as debt, and soy milk is just as good as oil.
But the americans are not stupid, and gradually they found that it was delicious and convenient, but it was not nutritious, and the heat was still there!
More and more fat people on the street, smart americans couldn't sit still, and invented a Diet Coke, which was 99 percent less calorific than regular Coke.
So they happily went on to eat a burger with a coke. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Sit back and wait for your calorie intake to fall short of the day when you "lean down".
But honestly, what's the use of a Diet Coke?
And what about Diet Coke?
Also wear UGG in summer?
When you watched the first episode of the big bang theory season 1, you wondered why Penny, the big girl, was wearing shorts and hot pants, but she was wearing a pair of UGG at her feet.
Isn't she hot?
It was only then that Penny was a strange flower. After coming to the United States, it was discovered that it was a traditional custom to wear UGG in summer.
Isn't UGG snow boots?
Finally, I couldn't help asking people, and I got two answers: one.
"UGG selects the best one of the real sheep fur to absorb moisture from the boots, automatically adjusting and optimizing the inside of the boot, just like human skin.
As a result, the feet are as dry and comfortable as possible during cold winters and hot summers.
-- -this is an advertisement, but it's a scientific explanation! Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The air conditioning in America is very cold in summer!
Don't wear snow boots still feel frozen to panic...
All right.
You can understand the comrades who can wear it.
Wear short sleeves in winter
Also on American TV, when I was watching sex and the city, I was surprised that Carrie could wear a mink coat with her skirt...
Are you cold or cold?
After coming to the United States, more discovers, buy summer outfit is the most cost-effective, because can wear full four seasons ah!
Americans are physically fit and casual, and in the winter many young people are still short-sleeved t-shirts, wrap in a coat when they cool down, and wear a pair of jeans for the winter.
Of course, this is mainly because there is heat in the room;
But they also wear very little outside.
The streets of New York in the early winter, often can see a lot of career women are light leg wear professional dress out wearing a thick coat, also in the high-heeled shoes of the instep, upper body and lower body temperature is 20 degrees!
Apart from the fact that they eat red meat, they eat cold water, and they drink ice water every day. In the summer, UGG winter is short. Is there a problem with temperature perception?
But no, because as soon as the weather warms up, a short-sleeved T-shirt floats across the street.
But then small make up also found that every household have a blanket on the sofa, in the winter they will be covered with a blanket on the sofa watching TV, like wire wrapped dumplings, the American people is afraid of the cold.
Drinking tap water is ok, drinking water is not ok?
In the United States, most state tap water is drinkable.
You may feel awkward at first, because tap water has a special flavor.
But it's drinkable.
Once an agency has tested it, it has found that tap water is more hygienic than some of the mineral water that the supermarket sells.
Drinking tap water instead of bottled water is good for the environment.
But remember, don't drink the tap water from the hot water, because the water on both sides is different, and the quality of the water used for hot water is much lower than the tap water.
Why not just increase the water quality of the hot water?
Tip the waiter, even if you're buying a service
Tipping in the United States is a very common phenomenon, from the restaurant for dinner, take a taxi, let the hotel staff to help you with your luggage, etc., all need to tip as to the other party a certain amount of labor of a recognition and compensation.
Most of the time it's about 15% of your spending.
Of course, you can adjust the quality of the service according to the level of the restaurant/hotel.
But not tipping is generally an impolite behavior and will make you an unwelcome guest.
Of course, we all understand the tip of the taxi, but in many cases, you buy the service. Why would you pay the service fee?
For example, if you cut your hair, the money you pay is a service charge. Why do you need to tip again?
I don't understand, but I will give it to you!
8. Lower trousers than underpants?
If you ask "what is the most unacceptable part of the American aesthetic," I'm sure to answer it without hesitation -- Baggy Pants!
This kind of underwear is lower than underwear and many many many a method is understanding incompetent!
Baggy pants, a black community in the United States first popular pants, almost all of the hip hop stars through the streets of this pants, Justin bieber is more like the pants.
But there are two theories about the origin of these pants, but they are not good birds.
Genesis 1: in the early 1980s, African black americans invented these pants in order to have more space to steal things in stores.
Origin: the United States was put into prison inmates will many times by the buggers treatment, as well as "if you can't avoid being * * * close your eyes and enjoy" words, some people to be much more, that's don't need to take off is convenient the buggers pants...
Hip-hop arose, the black rapper bring up to wear Baggy pants, and many white people do not know the origin of this pants, also suit to wear up, now has become a part of the American street culture.
Taking a shower in the morning?
Americans are different from Chinese. We bathe in the evening and they bathe in the morning. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the United States, if it's a girl who makes up her makeup, she usually washes her face at night and goes to bed.
It's uncomfortable, but americans explain that you can take a shower in the morning if you're working in an air-conditioned place, and if you're outdoors, you're going to wash it in the evening.
It is said that they choose to bathe in the morning because of their heavy body odor. They must wash the incense before going out every day.
This is not a big reason, but every American girl who comes to work in the morning has a perfect hair style.
Compare oneself to sleep the hair that collapsed, small make up also will think carefully the rationality of the morning bath.
But every time you think about getting up 30 minutes early to shower and blow your hair, it's time to think about it.
The thought of going to bed at night for dirty sex doesn't stop at the thinking level.
Then someone has a suggestion: you can wash it in the morning!
Why do I have to give myself double trouble!
So god laughs at human thought.
Dog culture -- more pets than lovers?
Americans love to have pets that seem to be "world-renowned and world-renowned".
Some people say that there are more dogs than dogs in China, although some of them are exaggerated, but not without reason.
On TV, there are special programs on how to raise animals every day to guide people how to raise these animals.
Americans have almost a family dog, and they make dogs go to their bedrooms, sleep with them, eat three meals a day, and serve them well.
The cost of keeping a dog is sometimes high, and daily eating and drinking and grooming and medical expenses are considerable, but the money americans are willing to spend.
Many cities hold "dog show" every year, and dogs can show off fashion shows. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The cat and dog clothing, cat and dog food and supplies of wal-mart stores are among the most important items.
The economic growth points caused by the pet account for a large proportion of the daily consumption.
In a word, in the United States, there is a great possibility that your life is not as good as your neighbor's dog.

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